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The bh FLIM Technique – More than Lifetime Imaging

bh FLIM systems record FLIM images of unprecedented temporal and spatial resolution at an
accuracy level close to the theoretical limit given by photon statistics. But bh FLIM systems do more
that that: The bh FLIM technique is based on a new understanding of FLIM in general. FLIM is not
just considered a way to add additional contrast to microscopy images. It is considered and designed
as a molecular imaging technique. bh FLIM exploits the fact that the fluorescence decay function of a
fluorophore is an indicator of its molecular environment, and that multi-exponential decay analysis
delivers molecular information, such as the metabolic state of live cells and tissues, protein
conformation and protein interaction, reaction of cells to drugs and environment parameters, or
mechanisms of cancer development and cancer progression. To reach this target, bh FLIM systems
have features not available in other systems: Compatibility with live-cell imaging, extraordinarily
high time resolution and photon efficiency, capability to split decay functions into several
components, excitation-wavelength multiplexing in combination with parallel-channel detection,
recording of dynamic lifetime effects caused by fast physiological effects, and simultaneous

Keywords: FLIM, PLIM, Molecular Imaging, FRET, Protein Structure, Metabolic Imaging, Live Cell Imaging, Physiological Effects

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