Delay-Box-32N for TCSPC Systems

USB Controlled Delay Switch Box

  • Delay from 0 to 31.5 ns in 0.5 ns Steps
  • Transmits any Signal Waveform
  • Signal Bandwidth 1 GHz
  • No Noise, No Jitter
  • No External Power Supply Needed
  • Setting Persist When Box is Disconnected from USB
  • Easy Adjust of TCSPC SYNC Path Length
  • Control Integrated in bh SPCM TCSPC Operating Software
  • DLL available for download


In 2011 bh have introduced a USB-controlled delay switch box for the Sync signal to the SPC modules. The box allows the user to adjust the temporal relationship of the detector signals and the laser reference pulses. 32 delay steps are available, the step width is 500 ps. The box is also able to select signals from two different sources. The advantage of using the DB-32N is that delay and the Sync source for different system configurations are kept in the setup files of the SPCM data acquisition software. Thus, the correct delay for a particular instrument configuration is set automatically when a setup is recalled from the ‘Predefined Setup’ panel.



The bh TCSPC Handbook
10th edition, September 2023


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