GVD-120 / GVD-120PCIE

Galvano Controller Card
  • PCI and PCIe version Available
  • Waveform Generator for X and Y Galvano Mirrors
  • Differential output Voltage X+/X-, Y+/Y-
  • Maximum Output Range +/- 10 V
  • Scan Signal Generation for Allmost All SPC Modules
  • Laser Control for All Lasers from bh
  • Outputs TTL- / CMOS Compatible
  • Software for Windows Vista/7/8/10

The GVD-120 card generates the x and y deflection signals for galvanometer scanners and piezo scan stages. The x-y signals are generated by the hardware of the GVD module, the software is only used to load different waveforms or scan parameters in the scan controller. The waveforms are therefore independent of the computer speed and of software reaction times. The DCS-120 uses a cycloid trajectory for the fly-back of the scanner. This minimises mechanical resonances and thus allows the scanner to be operated at high scan rates. The GVD-120 also generates the scan synchronisation pulses for bh TCSPC modules, and the beam blanking, multiplexing, and intensity control signals for two bh BDL-SMN, or BDS-SM ps diode lasers. The control of the GVD card is fully integrated in the SPCM software of the bh TCSPC systems.

The bh TCSPC Handbook
8th edition, corrected and updated September 2019


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