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bh Express-FLIM System Runs at Near-Video Speed

The bh Express-FLIM System records real-time video streams of FLIM data or other fast FLIM sequences with DCS-120-based confocal and multiphoton FLIM systems and DCS MACRO systems. The system uses fast confocal or multiphoton scanning in combination with time-resolved photon counting and online calculation of the fluorescence lifetime directly in the data acquisition hardware. The required data processing procedures are implemented in the SPC-QC-104 and in the SPC-180 TCSPC FLIM modules. FLIM systems based on these modules can be run either in the Express-FLIM mode or in the normal high-resolution-FLIM mode just by loading different data acquisition software.

For more information and to watch a real-time Express-FLIM video please see ‘Express FLIM‘.

June 26, 2023

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