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FLIM and FCS by Pulse-Interleaved Excitation with the Zeiss LSM 710/780 Intune System

We describe FLIM and FCS by pulse-interleaved excitation (PIE) with the Intune laser and the picosecond diode laser of the Zeiss LSM 710/780 family. The diode laser is triggered by the synchronisation output of the Intune laser. The sources of the timing reference of the TCSPC FLIM modules are selected via bh USB-controlled delay switch boxes. Both TCSPC channels of the bh SPC-152 TCSPC FLIM system can be synchronised from the intune laser or from the ps diode laser. Moreover, or one TCSPC channel can be synchronised from the Intune laser while the other is synchronised from the diode laser. We show the application of the system to dual-excitation FLIM and dual-excitation FCS.

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