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Implantable Fibre-Optical Fluorescence-Lifetime Detection System for in-vivo Applications

This application note describes a fluorescence-lifetime detection system based on picosecond diode laser excitation, a single-mode excitation fibre, one or several multi-mode detection fibres, high-efficiency single-photon detectors, and a portable time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) system. The excitation and detection system can easily be connected and disconnected from the measurement object via small-size, low-weight fibre connectors. The system records fluorescence decay curves, phosphorescence decay curves, time-series of fluorescence decay curves, intensity-traces, and fluorescence correlation data. By triggering the acquisition with an external stimulation of the measurement object, dynamic effects in the fluorescence lifetime and intensity down to millisecond range can be recorded.

Keywords: TCSPC, Fibre Probe

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