SPC-QC-008 ModuleNEW

7 Channel TCSPC Module / 8 Channel Time-Tagger Module

  • Eight Parallel Absolute Timing Channels or Seven Parallel TCSPC Channels + One Sync / Reference Channel
  • Time Channel Width Down to 1 ps
  • IRF Width <40 ps FWHM
  • Typical Timing Jitter 14 ps RMS
  • Excellent Timing Stability: Timing Drift over 10 Minutes <5 ps RMS
  • Low Dead Time (2 ns)
  • High Peak Count Rate, Up to 500 MHz 
  • Parallel Fluorescence Decays in up to Seven Detection Channels
  • Recording of Fluorescence Decay and Other Optical Waveforms
  • Multi-Wavelength Detection of Fluorescence Decay Data
  • Photon Time- and Parameter-Tagging
  • Photon Correlation Down to the ps Range
  • Parallel Operation of Up to 4 Modules
  • Free Instrument Software for Windows 10 / 11
  • Custom Programming with bhPy


General Information

The SPC-QC-008 TCSPC module has eight absolute photon timing channels. Alternatively, the module can be operated with seven parallel TCSPC channels and a common reference channel on a single PCI-express board. The module features high temporal and spatial resolution, extremely high peak count rate (up to 500 MHz), and extraordinarily high timing stability. The SPC-QC-008 offers the usual modes for recording temporal waveforms of optical signals, sequential recording multi-wavelength recording, time- and parameter-tag recording. 





Photon Channels


Threshold Discriminator

Discriminator Input Bandwidth

4 GHz

Min. Input Pulse Width

1 ns

Discriminator Threshold

-500 to 500 mV in Steps of 4 mV

Maximum Pulsed (<1 ms) Input Voltage Range

-5.5 V to +5.5 V

Maximum DC Input Voltage Range

-3.3 V to +3.3 V

Frequency Range

0 to 500 MHz

Input Connectors

SMC, 50 Ohm

Time-Measurement Circuitry


Time-to-Digital Converter


<40 ps

Typical RMS Timing Jitter

14 ps

Min. Time / Bin

1 ps

Timing Stability, Range 16 ns, over 10 Minutes

<5 ps RMS

Diff. Nonlinearity

<2 % RMS

Dead Time

2 ns

Data Acquisition (FIFO Mode)


Parameter-Tagging of Individual Photons, Continuous Writing to Disk

Peak Count Rate

500 MHz / Channel

Peak-Rate Buffer Capacity (Photons / Channel)


Sustained Count Rate (Bus-Transfer Limited)

140 MHz, All Channels Combined

On-Board FIFO Buffer Capacity (Photons Combined)


Data Acquisition GUI Software

Online Display

Count Rates, Multiscaler, Delta-T Function, Threshold Scan, Auto-/Cross-Correlation

Delta-T Function

No. of Time Bins

1 to 10 M

Time / Bin

1 ps to 65,536 ps

Time Range

1 ps to 640 ms

Selectable Sync Channel

1 to 8

Optional External Trigger

Channel 8

Threshold Scan

Threshold Range

-500 mV to 500 mV


4 mV

Operation Environment


Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 11

Bus Connector (Slot Type)


Total Power Consumption

approx. 12 W from +3.3 V, 3 W from +12 V


205 mm x 120 mm x 18 mm



The bh TCSPC Handbook
10th edition, September 2023


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