Analysis Software for FCS and cross-FCS

  • Data analysis for TCSPC-based single-molecule spectroscopy
  • FCS Fit with User-Defined Model Functions
  • Identification of Single-Molecule Photon Bursts in Parameter-Tag Data
  • Analysis of Fluorescence Intensity and Lifetime within Photon Bursts
  • One- and Two-Dimensional Histograms of Burst Parameters
  • Filtered Histograms of Burst Parameters
  • Discrimination of Different Fluorescent Species or FRET States
  • Determination of FRET Efficiencies
  • Exclusion of Artifacts in Intensity Traces

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The bh ‘Burst Analyzer’ software is used for data analysis of single-molecule fluorescence. It uses parameter-tag data files recorded in the FIFO mode of the SPC TCSPC modules. Photon bursts from single molecules travelling through a femtoliter detection volume are identified in the parameter-tag data. Within the bursts, intensities, intensity variations, fluorescence lifetimes, and ratios of these parameters between several detection channels of a routing system, different channels of a multi-module TCSPC system, or different time windows of a PIE recording are determined, and histograms of the parameters are calculated. The results are used to obtain histograms and time traces of FRET efficiencies, and to calculate FCS and FCCS data. The Burst Analyser is described in a separate handbook.



The bh TCSPC Handbook
10th edition, September 2023


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