ExpressFLIM Software

Fast Online Video FLIM Streaming

  • Acquisition Time Down to 40 ms
  • Based on bh´s Fast Optical Scanning Principle
  • Real-Time Display of Lifetime Images
  • Real-Time Video Streaming
  • Fast-Time Series
  • Option for All DCS-120 Based FLIM Systems


The bh Express-FLIM System records real-time video streams of FLIM data or other fast FLIM sequences with DCS-120-based confocal and multiphoton FLIM systems and DCS MACRO systems. The system uses fast confocal or multiphoton scanning in combination with time-resolved photon counting and online calculation of the fluorescence lifetime directly in the data acquisition hardware. The required data processing procedures are implemented in the SPC-QC-104 and in the SPC-180 TCSPC FLIM modules. FLIM systems based on these modules can be run either in the Express-FLIM mode or in the normal high-resolution-FLIM mode just by loading different data acquisition software.



The bh TCSPC Handbook
10th edition, September 2023


Supported Products

  • SPC-QC-104 Module

    SPC-QC-104 Module

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