Instrument Software for SPC-QC-008

  • Featuring SPC-QC-008 Card with Up to 8 Input Channels, 500 MHz Peak Input Rate
  • Count Rate Display for All Channels
  • 4 Real-Time Analysis Modes: Time Difference, Multiscaler, Auto-/Cross-correlation, Threshold Scan
  • Up to 10,000,000 Bins per Analysis Display
  • Data Export to CSV, SDT (SPCImage Compatible), Raw Binary


The BH-QC008 software is designed to control the SPC-QC-008 photon counter module and to record and analyse its pulse stream. The module is geared towards high channel count and high pulse rate applications. By employing up to 16 logical CPU cores, the BH-QC008 software is capable of performing multiple types of analysis simultaneously for the extraordinarily high pulse rate, available at the SPC-QC-008.
Analysis features range from simple time difference measurements, typically for TCSPC applications, to auto- and cross-correlation analysis, both for up to 8 arbitrary channel pairs. Graph displays are highly customizable and allow the user to adapt them perfectly to their analysis needs.
For further processing, both raw pulse streams and processed data can be exported in various formats such as human readable CSV and SDT-files formatted for SPCImage import.



The bh TCSPC Handbook
10th edition, September 2023


Supported Products

  • SPC-QC-008 Module

    SPC-QC-008 Module

  • bhPy


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