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SPCM Software Runs Online-FLIM at 10 Images per Second

Version 9.72 SPCM software of the bh TCSPC/FLIM systems displays fluorescence lifetime images at a rate of 10 images per second. The calculation of the lifetime images is based on the first moment of the decay data in the pixels of the images. The first-moment technique combines short calculation times with near-ideal photon efficiency. It works for all SPC-150, SPC-150N, SPC-160, and SPC-830 FLIM systems that use fast scanning. In combination with the preview mode of the SPCM software it can be used to select interesting cells within a larger sample for subsequent high-accuracy FLIM acquisition. In FLIM experiments with longer acquisition time it helps the user evaluate the signal-to-noise ratio of the data and decide whether enough photons have been recorded to reveal the expected lifetime effects in the sample.

Keywords: FLIM, Fast FLIM, Rapid FLIM, Online FLIM

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