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The PZ-FLIM-110 Piezo-Scanning FLIM System

The PZ-FLIM-110 Piezo Scanning FLIM system uses bh’s multi-dimensional TCSPC technique in combination with a piezo scanner. The scanner is controlled via a bh GVD-120 scanner control card, the FLIM data are recorded by an SPC-150 or SPC- 160 TCSPC / FLIM module. Data acquisition is controlled by 64 bit bh SPCM TCSPC software. The system is able to run X-Y scans, X-Z (vertical) scans, and to record simultaneously FLIM and PLIM data. Maximum FLIM data formats are 512 x 512 pixels, 4096 time channels, or 2048 x 2048 pixels, 256 time channels.

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