Ophthalmic FLIM (FLIO)

The author’s left eye. FLIM image. SPCImage data analysis, amplitude-weighted lifetime, tm.


Ophthalmic FLIM

TCSPC FLIM systems are so sensitive that they are able to record lifetime images of the fundus (background) of the human eye. Ophthalmic FLIM systems use TCSPC FLIM in combination with fast beam scanning and excitation by a picosecond diode laser. The scanner of the Heidelberg Engineering FLIO system uses resonance scanning in x and galvanometer scanning in y. The scan rate is on the order of 16 frames per second. The laser beam is projected into the pupil of the eye through the front lens of the scan head. The fluorescence light returning from the eye background is descanned, projected into a pinhole, split into two wavelength channels, and detected by two HPM-100-40 GaAsP hybrid detectors. The photon pulses from the detectors are processed in two parallel SPC-150 TCSPC FLIM modules. In parallel with FLIM imaging, infrared reflection images are recorded in short intervals. These images are used to compensate eye motion in the FLIM recording. The principle is illustrated in the figure below.

Principle of Heidelberg Engineering FLIO Scanner with bh TCSPC FLIM

Early stages of eye diseases are often accompanied by metabolic changes in the fundus of the eye. These, in turn, cause changes in the fluorescence decay parameters of endogenous fluorophores. Ophthalmic FLIM is currently at the sage of clinical tests. The results show that the technique is able to show early stages of eye diseases before these are detectable by conventional methods, and, importantly, before they have caused permanent damage to the retina.

Retina images recorded with HE scanner and bh TCSPC FLIM. Left: Healthy patient. Right: Patient suffering from AMD (age-related macula degeneration)


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