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SPCImage NG – Overview Brochure

SPCImage NG is a new generation of bh’s TCSPC-FLIM data analysis software. It combines time-domain and frequency-domain analysis, uses a maximum-likelihood algorithm to calculate the parameters of the decay functions in the individual pixels, and accelerates the analysis procedure by GPU processing. 1D and 2D parameter histograms are available to display the distribution of the decay parameters over the pixels of the image or over selectable ROIs. Image segmentation can be performed via the phasor plot and pixels with similar signature be combined for high-accuracy time-domain analysis. SPCImage NG provides decay models with one, two, or three exponential components, incomplete-decay models, and shifted-component models. Another important feature is advanced IRF modelling, making it unnecessary to record IRFs for the individual FLIM data sets.

For detailed information please see TCSPC Handbook, Chapter SPCImage NG Data Analysis Software.

Keywords: FLIM, FLIM Data Analysis, Fluorescence Decay Function, Phasor Plot, MLE, Molecular Imaging, FRET, FLIO

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