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Two-Photon FLIM of Mushroom Spores Reveals Ultra-Fast Decay Component

We performed FLIM on the spores of a variety of mushrooms that are commonly found in the middle-
European and north-American area. Using our DCS-120 MP FLIM system with ultra-fast detectors, we found
extremely fast components in the decay functions. The decay times ranged from about τ1 = 8 ps to 80 ps, with
amplitudes a1 up to 99.5%. The decay times and the amplitudes correlate with the colour of the spores. The
darker the spores are the more pronounced the fast component is. We attribute the mechanism to an extremely
efficient energy-transfer process, without being able to tell what exactly the mechanism might be.

Keywords: FLIM, Multiphoton Excitation, Ultra-Fast Fluorescence Decay, Mushroom Spores

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