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Ultra-Fast Fluorescence Decay in Malignant Melanoma

Using a multiphoton TCSPC-FLIM system with ultra-fast detectors, we found extremely fast fluorescence-decay components in a wide variety of biological material. Here, we report on FLIM of malignant melanoma. We found decay components with lifetimes, t1, from 10 ps to 20 ps, and with amplitudes,  a1, as large as 98%. The lifetimes and amplitudes are in sharp contrast to the decay parameters in healthy tissue (t1 =  185 ps, a1 = 55%) and in material from benign pigmented lesions (t1 =  96 ps, a1 = 45%).

Keywords: FLIM, Malignant Melanoma, Melanin, Ultra-Fast Decay, Multiphoton FLIM

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