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bh FLIM Systems Record Calcium Transients in Live Neurons

We demonstrate the measurement of transient changes of the Ca2+ concentration in live neurons by Fluorescence Transient Lifetime Scanning (FLITS) and by temporal Mosaic FLIM. Both techniques are applications of bh’s Multidimenaional TCSPC Technique. FLITS is based on the build-up of a photon distribution over the distance along a line scan, the times of the photons after the laser pulse, and the times of the photons after a periodic stimulation of the sample, temporal mosaic FLIM on the buildup of a photon distribution over the coordinates of a fast repetitive x-y scan, and the photon times after the laser pulses and the stimulation pulses. For the commonly used laser scanning microscopes and standard bh FLIM systems or for the bh DCS-120 confocal and multiphoton FLIM systems the time resolution is about 1 ms for FLITS and about 40 ms for temporal mosaic FLIM.

Keywords: FLIM, FLITS, Mosaic FLIM, Neurons, Calcium Imaging, Calcium Transients 

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